Jerre Maas | Entrepreneur
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As Entrepreneur..

I founded my first “company” at the age of 15. At the moment, I am involved in the companies and initiatives listed below;

Together with IT-parnter LiveWall, we’ve founded and developed the online product PresentersWall in 2012. With this online voting system you can easily create interaction during presentations, events and lectures.

At Presensatie® we’re creating unique event-concepts. We’re working with several freelance trainers, hosts and designers to make sure that every training, event or meeting becomes completely unique.

In 2010 Improgression was founded, together with IT-Partner BLiS. With this online feedback-platform one can easily train skills by handing in video-assignments and rate them by professionals, peers and colleagues.

We work for:
Other initiatives

I believe that knowledge should be available in such an easy language that everyone can understand it. When I founded PsyBlog in 2006 I never imagined that over 100 authors and 10 team members would contribute.


The IdeeCafé (IdeaBar) is a reoccurring event where starting entrepreneurs can share their ideas to a group of creatieve thinkers.

logo-sprekerreview is an online platform where speakers and hosts can be reviewed.


Together with Rudy van Beurden I co-authored the book ‘Dus, wat is je punt’ (‘So, what’s your point?’).

I gladly collaborate with
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