Jerre Maas | iDeaCafe
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Everyone’s got ideas

However, not many dare to share their ideas out of fear that someone else will steal ‘their’ idea!

That’s a shame, because with the proper feedback of others your idea might grow and evolve. The sooner you get feedback, the better.

The purpose of the IdeaCafé is to generate new ideas together and receive feedback on your own ideas. In an informal setting, to collaboratively improve each other’s ideas! You’ll find an impression of our IdeaCafé to the side:

Dare to share!

Jerre Maas developed the iDea-model near the end of the year 2010. A model that describes the process of how a dream becomes reality. In this model, sharing your idea works as a catalyst in order to eventually realize your idea.

In the clip to the side, Jerre talks about the advantages of sharing ideas during the TEDxBreda event.

Read more about the iDea-model on this page.

In-company IdeaCafé

The IdeaCafé is an in-company event which any business can request. These in-company IdeaCafés are ideal to, as a business, bring a case forward and discuss it with coworkers, clients and/or guests.

Request your in-company IdeaCafé today!